12 pack

Delicious authentic Belgian Waffles brought to you by Oakrun Farm Bakery. A breakfast treat or alternatively a decadent dessert (served with berries, maybe dipped in chocolate and served with real whipped cream). Individually wrapped for freshness.  Also available in a 6 pack.

handling and preparation

If frozen, defrost at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes before toasting. Toaster: 1. Remove packaging and toast on medium or dark setting. 2. Remove carefully and spread with your favourite filling. Broiler or Grill: 1.Warm the broiler or grill to medium. 2. Remove packaging toast each side until slightly crisp. 3. Remove with tongs and spread with your favourite filling.


Wheat flour, non hydrogenated shortening (palm, rapeseed, coconut), sugar, water, whole eggs, yeast, salt, soy lecithin.

product information

Code 6253
SCC# 10059608004962
Gross Weight 17.74 lbs ( 8.05 kg )
Net Weight 11.12 lbs ( 5.04 kg )
Case Dimensions
 (l x w x h)
28 4/5
Tie / Tier 2 x 13