mini strawberry angel food cake

Strawberries need not be in season to enjoy the lovely fresh flavour of strawberries.  Strawberry flavoured mini Angel food cakes offer the best of the harvest without the strawberries.  A light and decadent treat portioned sized perfect.

Add fresh berries to kick up the flavour profile up a notch.  Whipped cream or ice cream are a nice addition to complement the sweet tooth.

handling and preparation

Ready to serve.


Water, sugar, wheat starch, enriched wheat flour, dried egg whites, baking powder, sodium aluminum phosphate, natural & artificial flavour, salt, gum arabic, dextrose, colour, lactic acid, modified cornstarch, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

product information

Code 5759
SCC# 10059608004061
Gross Weight 7.02 lbs ( 3.18 kg )
Net Weight 4.77 lbs ( 2.16 kg )
Case Dimensions
 (l x w x h)
17 3/4
Tie / Tier 8 x 7