lemon tart

Imagine a tart that is a little sweet and a little tart.  Lemon puree adds to the citrus tangy flavour of this smooth lemon filling.  A flaky pastry dough hugs the filling and adds to this tasty treat.

If you have not tasted one, imagine a little a mini lemon meringue pie without the meringue.

Available in a 10 pack.

handling and preparation

Ready to serve.


Filling [water, sugar, modified cornstarch, lemon puree, palm oil, glycerine, malic acid, gellan gum, salt, methylcellulose, sodium benzoate, tricalcium phosphate, xanthan gum, colour (titanium dioxide, tumeric, annatto)], enriched flour, vegetable oil shortening (soybean, cottonseed), water, dextrose, skim milk powder, salt, potassium sorbate, soybean oil, L-cysteine hydrochloride, tricalcium phosphate, amylase.

product information

Code 1325
SCC# 10059608003231
Gross Weight 11.49 lbs ( 5.21 kg )
Net Weight 9.54 lbs ( 4.33 kg )
Case Dimensions
 (l x w x h)
25 3/8" x 13" x 4 3/16"
Tie / Tier 4 x 12